dbt. I.

bottomless pit / thick paint

{c42; type I} 2010; hand-numbered edition of 40


dbt. II.

hello hugo

double angelo

{c30; type I; printed shells} 2011


dbt. IV.

RTA 004



{c42; type I; printed shells; wood block print; hand-numbered} 2011


dbt. VI.


{c30; type I} 2011



dbt. IX.

giant giants

a place i'd like to meet you

{c30; type I}

hear it here

giant giants cover


dbt. XI.

ursa mnr

gaian transmissions

{c20; type II} 2012



dbt. XV.

(mannateas) / sheets of paper / A.X.

candid family

{c32; type II}


dbt. XIX.

deep toke

ripped out of your mind

{c32; type II}

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