dbt. XXIV. i am just a pupil - i don't know yet [cs]

dbt. XXIII. sheets of paper / black thread [cs]

dbt. XX. foothills - collections of sound over time, vol. 1 - time in motion [cs]

dbt. XIX. deep toke - ripped out of your mind [cs]

dbt. XVI. uton - rustic & recycled [cs]



dbt. XVII. bad command or file name [cs]

dbt. XIV. squirrels - kalmii [cs]

dbt. XIII. villages - stockholm [cs]

dbt. XII. enea - blindness array [cs]

dbt. X. sparkling wide pressure - previous openings [cs]

dbt. IX. giant giants - a place i'd like to meet you [cs]

dbt. VIII. wet dream / liquid dinner - bedtyme stories [cs]


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• dbt. XXII. sashash ulz - idle field [cs]

• dbt. XXI. sindre bjerga + micromelancolié - anaglyph [cs]

• dbt. XVIII. ex-specter - finishes [2•cs]

• dbt. XV. kyle landstra - look inward [2•cs]


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